Service Announcement :))

htmlMicroscope on is down because of technical
difficulties, not-related to the body of the owner of the machine that
runs atm.
That runs on a home PC (ubuntu karmic), but i'm away from
home atm, travelling around, and the thing has died on me too many
times, so i'm not even going to try to ssh to it atm..

Please apologize my earlier -way out of line for a list like this-
remarks about "letting programmers hit me, and me taking them down
without any effort". I was _STRESSED_ when i wrote that.

Again, please take this as: will be back up, with the 3
open-source gifts i have.
If you need the "latest" development copy of htmlMicroscope (something
to look at very large arrays in a browser with), then google for
"htmlmicroscope" and use the link.

My other components, visCanvasLoaderGraphic/Icon and buttonAnimated
(jQuery based), are not available online anywhere.
But you may pass them around of course, as per open source contract styles..

Good luck,
and take care of your loved ones, as i am doing atm.

 Rene Veerman
 Somewhere in .nl, nice weather atm.

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