Merlin Morgenstern wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running a website under apache and php where I do redirects on 404
> errors:
> apache conf:
> ErrorDocument 404 /subapp_members/search_user.php
> This is done to allow ULRs with usernames like this:
> The PHP script search_user.php looks in a db if the user name is
> existent and if yes shows his member page. If the name is not existent
> it displays an internal 404 message.
> This worked perfectly for recent years until now. Some users complain
> that they do see advertisement instead of the page. A research showed
> that they are using a provider called "unitymedia". As soon as a site
> has a page not found error it redirects them to their own advertisement
> page. This is true for all pages on the net. e.b. shows
> their advertisement.
> Has somebody an idea on how to fix that from my site?
> Thank you for any help,

yup, use a 303 See Other first of all

ErrorDocument 303 /subapp_members/search_user.php

then continue as normal; if you don't find the user set the status
header to 404 and show your internal 404.

They may never see the internal 404; but in many browsers they won't any
ways as most delegate it through to a "can't find, search with the
google?? :-)" type page.


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