Hi Alice,
I have a sendmail script I wrote on my way to learning PHP.
Uses PHP 4 i believe, maybe 5. Wrote it a while ago.
You and anyone else are welcome to use it/modify.

You can reference this php it from multiple forms.
Just specify the form names it should accept and their parameters.
It can also send HTML results with a little modification.

It isn't necessarily set up for mass emailing, but with a little tweaking, I am sure you could get it to work. You can separate the emails with comas "," currently and it will send to all of them, but if they are in the TO:,
everyone will see everyones email address.
Might set it up to send to your email in the TO: and use the BCC: to send to your users.
If you do convert it, mind sharing back?? :))




On Apr 12, 2010, at 5:31 PM, Alice Wei wrote:


Thanks to everyone's suggestions, I have followed some instructions from http://www.geeksengine.com/article/install-pear-on-windows.html and attempted to install PEAR. The problem is, when I do a test page, which only has:



require_once "PEAR.php"; ?>. utor

It only gives me a blank page, with no errors. Has anyone who succeeded with using PEAR on PHP can guide me on a good tutorial to read?

Thanks for your help.

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Subject: Re: [PHP] Mail Function Problem

kranthi wrote:
PEAR's mail package does support authentication.
http://email.about.com/od/emailprogrammingtips/qt/ PHP_Email_SMTP_Authentication.htm

I will say "mea culpa" on this one; apparently I didn't
dig deep enough into the PEAR docs to figure this out.
It's certainly not mentioned on the manpage at php.net,
but, of course, the PEAR stuff is elsewhere.  I read over
the first page linked from the PHP manpage, so it must
nks ve been a lil' deeper than that.  If it's only available
at about.com (lol), I'd suggest filing a PR with the PEAR
folk's documentation team, eh?

But, this time I'll do what I shoulda mentioned before and
include the "IANAE" disclaimer on all things PEAR, many
things PHP, and some things SMTP.

Kevin Kinsey
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