I have an "small" problem on my Apache Stronghold 3 Server (a simple
Apache 1.3.12 + mod_ssl) using a statically compiled PHP3 module.
PHP version is latest (3.0.18) and is compiled against UW-Imap
libc-client, openldap 1 and oracle librarys to provide IMAP, LDAP
and Oracle support for HORDE/IMP Webmail (I'm using HPUX, but I've
tested it on Linux and it happens the same I'm going to describe).

 The webmail is working perfect, except for some coredumps I get
sometimes (every 20-30 minutes or so). I can work on the webmail
with no problems, but SOMETIMES I get a "Document contained no data",
and the Apache logfile says something like:

[notice] child pid 1234 exit with Segmentation Fault
         (core dump on /usr/apache).

 I have lots of them on different times:

[Wed Jul  4 09:10:22 2001] [notice] child pid 29834 exit
 signal Segmentation fault (11)
[Fri Jul  6 13:05:32 2001] [notice] child pid 30124 exit
 signal Segmentation fault (11)

 I did a backtrace on the core file:

(gdb) bt
#0  0xc01f2740 in kill () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#1  0x1a15a0 in sig_coredump ()
#2  <signal handler called>
#3  0xcda50 in read_next_token (tcm=0x40049b20, token=0x77ff1eb8,
    phplval=0x77ff1d58) at token_cache.c:161
#4  0xb2f68 in phplex (phplval=0x77ff1d58) at main.c:488
#5  0xbb9d8 in phpparse () at /usr/lib/bison.simple:432
#6  0xb5974 in php3_parse (yyin=0x40113c98) at main.c:1564
#7  0xb5ed8 in apache_php3_module_main (r=0x400cd840, fd=26,
    display_source_mode=0, preprocessed=0) at main.c:1929
#8  0xb18a4 in send_php3 ()
#9  0xb1970 in send_parsed_php3 ()
#10 0x197204 in ap_invoke_handler ()
#11 0x1ab36c in process_request_internal ()
#12 0x1ab3ec in ap_process_request ()
#13 0x1a2ff8 in child_main ()
#14 0x1a3254 in make_child ()
#15 0x1a35b8 in perform_idle_server_maintenance ()
#16 0x1a3b78 in standalone_main ()
#17 0x1a45c8 in main ()

 The line 161 of token_cache.c contains:

-->        *token = &GLOBAL(tc)->tokens[GLOBAL(tc)->pos++];
        return (*token)->token_type;
 This seems a PHP3 problem, and I thought of updating to PHP4, but that's
 not too easy on this HPUX 11 server (which lacks of lots of development
 tools), AND I've seen on google.com and groups.google.com similar messages
 with 4.0.x versions (similar messages with no answers).

 On bugs.php.net I've seen a bug report of the above, but it's stated as
 CLOSED. It's closed saying that latest version should have it corrected
 (the bug is reported for 3.0.2, and I'm using 3.0.18).

 I'm quite desesperated, I would appreciate any help :(

 Some details of how I compiled PHP3:

 I compiled imap (libc-client.a, and some .h files needed by PHP3)
 and openldap 1.x. 

./configure --with-apache=/home/sromero/merca/apachesh
--with-gd=no --with-oracle=/opt/OraHome --with-ldap=/usr
--with-config-file-path=/home/sromero/merca --enable-track-vars=yes

 Then I did a make and make install.
 This installed libphp3.a on Apachesrc/modules/php3
 I entered Apachesrc/ and modifyied the Configuration file and

AddModule modules/php3/libphp3.a

 I executed ./Configure and make. This compiled perfectly and created
 an httpd binary file I copied to the Stronghold's binary dir. 

 IMP's webmail is working ALMOST perfect except for those ocasional
 core dumps. I think the problems are not an application problem...

 Thanks a lot for any help and sorry for the big message, and for
 asking without a previous-fidonet-style-introduction (hi all, I'm
 new to this list :-).

Santiago Romero
Departamento de Sistemas

Av. Primado Reig 189, entlo
46020 Valencia - Spain
Telf. (+34) 96 332 12 00
Fax. (+34) 96 332 12 01

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