Andrew Ballard wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 2:50 PM, tedd <> wrote:
>> For example, a user has name, address, height, weight, color, language, etc.
>> Those things can be listed in a single table.
> And now for the universal DBA answer - it depends. There are cases
> where that information needs to be normalized to another table. A
> person could have a billing address, a shipping address, a vacation
> address, etc. Or the application may need to store multiple addresses
> over time. The same person could have a home phone, office phone, fax,
> mobile phone, pager, etc.
> Andrew

My business related example is our billing system in my office.

For each customer account we have a single Billing address but allow multiple
service, technical, administrative, etc... contact entries.  We must keep past
entries for historical purposes too.  This is achieved by having two separate
tables to hold the data.  It is a 1 to nth relationship.

PS: Gary, fix your mail server.  It is telling me that you don't exist.

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