Hi Rasmus,

Thanks for reply.
The requirement I was looking for is to read/write given only the file
descriptor number.

PHP-CGI binary is invoked by a webserver that runs in jail-directory and
doesn't have access to the file path directory.
So, it communicates with another daemon that opens a socket to that file and
in turn passes the file descriptor alone.

Can you please suggest if there is any API in PHP that serves this
requirement [read/write to given file descriptor]
Please let me know if I need to provide more information.

Naga Kiran

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 7:33 PM, Rasmus Lerdorf <ras...@lerdorf.com> wrote:

> On 04/15/2010 06:52 AM, Naga Kiran K wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > We are upgrading PHP from 5.2.3 to 5.3.2 and are facing few issues [like
> > unsupported functions...]
> >
> > In PHP 5.2.3, "fdopen" was used to read/write to a file descriptor
> > that's opened by another application.
> >
> > fdopen(<fileDescriptorId>,"rw");  //It worked fine with PHP 5.2.3
> >
> > After PHP upgrade,its throwing "undefined reference to 'fdopen'
> function".
> >
> > Please suggest whats the replacement for this in PHP 5.2.3 or any
> > workaround.
> PHP has never had an fdopen() function.  It must be something in user
> space that provided that for you if you had it.
> -Rasmus

Naga Kiran

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