I have this form that people use to add entries into a MySQL database. Recently 
I've had some users insert − in their entries instead of - which is causing 
some issues with scripts down the line. I'd like to replace the − character 
with -.

Originally I had something like 

$name = mysql_escape_string($_POST["name"]); 

which would convert the offending character to − before entering it into 
the database. It's this encoding that is causing the problems since some 
scripts send out emails with this entry in their subject line which looks messy.

I've tried adding the following line after the previous line to help fix this 
issue, however, I just got another entry with the same problem.


Any suggestions on how others would fix this problem? I'd just like to fix it 
before the entry hits the database instead of creating fixes on the other end 
of things.

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