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> Hi Michiel! Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. :)
> > It depends. What's exactly do you want to prevent? It doesn't seem like a
> > ...<snip>...
> > include, say, additional HTML content, use file_get_contents() instead.
> Very good points. My goal was to write a plugin that would allow me to
> include some static HTML template file and get the <?php include...?>
> tags out of my CMS template. With that said, I think the only people
> using this code will be the developers of the templates, and not your
> standard user.
> I opted to use output buffering and readfile() for the speed, and
> include() would be an option if developers want to execute the code in
> the included file.
> Would file_get_contents() be faster than readfile and output
> buffering? Would using file_get_conents() and eval() be faster than
> using include() and output buffering?

I would prefer to use include() since it runs the code in the same context,
and using both file_get_contents() and eval() is a bit of a detour. eval()
also tends to be a lot slower than included code (though I'm not exactly
sure how slow).

I'm also not entirely sure whether file_get_contents() is slower than
readfile(), but file_get_contents() is useful if you want to do something
with your data rather than printing it right away.


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