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> I'm working on a hosted website that was hacked and found something I don't
> fully understand. Thought someone here may know the answer.
> The site has 4 php malicious files in directories owned by "system" [php
> created dirs on the site are named "nobody"] and permissions 755.
> Is there any way the files could have been written other than by ftp access
> or at the host root level? Clearly a php script couldn't.
> Thanks, Al..........
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Are there any other programming options enabled on the account (Perl, JSP,
Ruby, etc?)  Even if the files are PHP, any of those programming options can
be configured to create the files.

Additionally, a vulnerability in one of the libraries leveraged to provide
the hosting environment could also have provided the entry (PHP makes for a
capable deliverable, but it doesn't have to provide the key for a hacking


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