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On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 12:50 PM, tedd <> wrote:
 At 12:21 PM -0400 4/19/10, Ernie Kemp wrote:

 Need help with reCAPTCHA. Never installed it before.

 When Submit is clicked the "quoterequest-redirect.php" is run but I think
 would be better to test the reCAPTCHA before the
 program has been run.

 I check the CAPTCHA in "quoterequest-redirect.php", it displays a invalid
 message if invalid but the user has to tab back to fill in the CAPTCHA

 The reCAPTCHA show correctly but I need some help/hints/tips here.

 Ernie :

 There's nothing complicated here. You don't need to get public and private
 keys or other such complications. A CAPTCHA is as simple as:

 What is 2 + 2?
 What is the color of an orange?

 Answer correctly and you pass. If not, then you don't.

 The purpose of a CAPTCHA is simply to keep bots out and allow humans to
 pass. If you base your CAPTCHA on a strange graphic, then you keep visually
 impaired users out. That's not good.

 Here's an assortment of CAPTCHA's, but I think the Question CAPTCHA is the



Yes, but I assumed he meant reCAPTCA, not simply CAPTCHA. The former
is a specific implementation of the latter.



Yes, I realize that. But what I said about the technique stopping the visually impaired is equally true. If you care nothing about those types of folks, then proceed (by the Grace of God) along your sighted way.




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