On Mon, 2010-04-19 at 08:25 -0400, Alice Wei wrote:

> I have not changed any of my SMTP settings since my new installation of 
> PHP with Pear. So, I am not sure what the settings are supposed to be. 
> Would I need to install anything else even when the Pear Mail package 
> has been installed?

Alice, I never use the PEAR install from my distro, I always download
and install PEAR into my working folder. The benefit of doing it this
way is so that when you move your project to a different server, nothing
will break and you don't have to change anything.

Sometimes when I create a new project, I'll just copy the PEAR folder
from an older project to the new one. The only thing you may have to
change in your PHP code is the path to the PEAR libs only if you don't
put them in the same place every time.

David M.

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