I can suggest Session Variables instead of cookies,
Try http://www.zend.com / Tutorial Section there, about Authorization and
Session Variables,

"Kristjan Kanarik" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Dear list,

I'm sorry to bother (or sorry for being stupid!) , but I've been looking
around for some days and can't find what I'd like to have. My knowledge
about sessions is literally non-existent and therefore I decided not to
start creating a 'bycycle' from scratch.

I'm looking forward for an authorisation system which stores user data
(login name, password, etc.) in the MySQL and only if the user has logged
on he/she has got certain priviliges across the whole site. The people who
haven't logged on, can surf around, but certain features are turned off.
And even more - it would be good if I could customize different users for
different rights.

I managed myself to do the authorisation for a single page, but don't think
it is very secure. I don't want to use cookies and therefore I should be
passing the SID to all URL-s, correct? Does this mean I can't really use
post method with forms?

Any hints, good tutorials, previous discussions? A usable script would be
good... :)


P.S. [EMAIL PROTECTED] to CC: , I'm on the digest.

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