I have a form that I have a (ever growing) list of checkboxes,  Here is a
sample of  the code for it.

 <input name="keyword[]" type="checkbox" value="fox" />

It seems to go in, when I say seems to, I get a result of Array in the
table, the code is listed below.  I have tried various solutions I found in
searching the issue, but have only been able to so far get Array.

  echo '<table border="1"><th>Id Number</th><th>Date
  while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($data)) {

    echo '<tr><td>' . $row['image_id']. '</td>';
   echo '<td>' . $row['submitted']. '</td>';
    echo '<td>' . $row['caption']. '</td>';
    echo '<td>' . $row['where_taken'] . '</td>';
    echo '<td>' . $row['keyword']. '</td>';
       echo '<td>' . $row['description'] . '</td>';
      if (is_file($row['image_file'])) {
      echo '<td><img src="'.$row['image_file'].'" width="100px"

As a bonus question, does anyone have any idea why the image would show up
in IE8, and not FF?

Thanks for your help.


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