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Hi there,
You don't really need to write any line in C to change the password the
PAM way:


This is a PECL module, so installation is easy: pecl install pam

See you!!

2010/4/20 fakessh <fake...@fakessh.eu>:

    On Tue, 20 Apr 2010 14:09:07 +0200, "A.L.E.C" <a...@alec.pl> wrote:

        fakessh wrote:

            I try to implement the change password plugin I just watched
http://trac.roundcube.net/browser/trunk/plugins/password it does not seem
to have an option to change password when using 


            I do not use sql or ldap. I use pam to store my password
through the authentication to postfix and dovecot: my passwords are login
or plain text if so, can you enlighten me how to use the change password

        I don't know if there is a plugin or driver for PAM passwords
change. You need a command line tool for changing passwords e.g. chpasswd
and use it in PHP. For example see 'sasl' driver from 'password' plugin.
Programmers can take a look at http://www.unicom.com/sw/web-chpass. Also 

        virtualmin (which we support in virtualmin driver) probably is
working with PAM. 

    thank you A.L.E.C thanks you all users I just look at the code
to integrate easily into roundcube it is simply necessary to modify the
code web-chpass and the executable c nipasswd then plugin with a part in c
I'm afraid of writing this piece of c, I just perl the c is entirely taken
from http://www.unicom.com/sw/web-chpass I am afraid to make mistakes in
writing c them what someone feels able to write this plugin derives from
nipasswd _______________________________________________ List info:

i just perl and c
I do not know php
I want a little help to understand and run the documentation
I correctly installed pecl install pam

I have the following API

1       API
3       bool pam_auth(string $username, string $password [, string &$error [
$checkacctmgmt = true ] ])
4       bool pam_chpass(string $username, string $oldpassword, string
$newpassword [, string &$error ])
6       The parameters are
8       username - Username to check
9       password - User supplied password
10      error - Output parameter to put any error messages in
11      checkacctmgmt - Call pam_acct_mgmt() to check account expiration and
access hours (requires root access!)
12      oldpassword - Current password on account
13      newpassword - Password to change to 

can you give me a simple example using this API

bool           pam_auth        (string $username,    string $password     
[, string &$error      [ $checkacctmgmt = true ] ])
^              ^                ^                     ^                   
 ^                      ^
what it 's     what it 's       what it 's            what it 's          
what it 's             what it 's

bool           pam_chpass        (string $username,    string
$oldpassword,     string $newpassword     [, string &$error ])
^              ^                ^                       ^                 
    ^                       ^
what it 's     what it 's       what it 's              what it 's        
    what it 's              what it 's

can you give me a simple example of how these functions
A simple example would allow me to easily write the plugin for

thanks for your advice
thanks for all return

aka /fakessh/

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