i'm sure this isn't hard to do, but i'm having end-of-week brain
cramps.  just now, i installed a PHP package that lets me download
thumbnails of image files stored on a server -- the URL to generate
and download a thumbnail is, say:


and so on.  unsurprisingly, the thumbnail generation program accepts
numerous arguments and is incredibly sophisticated, and is stored in a
subdirectory under /var/www/html and ... well, you get the idea,
calling it directly involves creating quite the URL.

  instead, i'd like to stuff a wrapper script at the top of the
document root which hides all that complexity, so i can just browse


and have that top-level thumb.php script make the appropriate
invocation to the real thumbnail.php script with all of those
(default) arguments and values.

  so, what would thumb.php look like?  i obviously need to simulate a
POST call, retrieve the output and pass it back unchanged.  thoughts?
surely this is something that people want to do on a regular basis,


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