From: Richard Quadling
> On 23 April 2010 02:34, Bob McConnell <> wrote:
>> From: Richard Quadling
>>> On 22 April 2010 14:42, Bob McConnell <> wrote:
>>>> I downloaded the MS-Windows cli from The PHP Group a while ago. It
>>>> claims to be version 5.2.10. But now I can't find where I got it, nor
>>>> where to get the updates. What is the easiest way to upgrade it to
>>>> 5.2.13?
>>>>  D:\Code\Tests>php --version
>>>>  PHP 5.2.10 (cli) (built: Jun 17 2009 16:16:57)
>>>>  Copyright (c) 1997-2009 The PHP Group
>>>>  Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Zend Technologies
>>> You can get the latest V5.2.x from
>> Which one has just the cli installer? I don't want any server
> files installed on my workstation.
> Normally, you take the ZIP file and unzip it into C:\PHP5 (or wherever
> you want).
> That's the installation done.
> Then, you take a long look through the php.ini-production and
> php.ini-development to see what you need to setup.
> I'd recommend reading ...
> and

Thank you for those links. I had missed them completely on my first and second 
times through the manual.

I did it the easy way by renaming D:\php to php.5.2.10 and creating a new 
D:\php to extract the new version into. It is working, but now I have to see 
about those setup options.

Thank you,

Bob McConnell

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