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> The answer I got from support desk on my shared server: 'You are trying to
> curl to a datapipe server, if it is rejecting the server name and port,
you will
> need to take that up with them.'
> John

I assume that you did full testing with the browser as I suggested?  If
everything works, one other thing to keep in mind is that the target also
may implement reverse DNS lookup in their anti-bot.  One good way to test
that is to remote in via SSH (if on Linux/Unix) to test with wget.
Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that target site have some anti-bot mechanisms in
place.  Microseconds of analyzing valid 'user' requests is better than
processing 2-3 seconds and sending the response which will consume
bandwidth.  What you could also try is setting different user-agents for
every request and use cookies in cURL should the target site have an
anti-bot mechanism.


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