Hi all,

This isn't exactly a PHP question, but I don't know anyone else with the
collected smarts of this list. Basically, a site I built and am managing
has been identified by Google as a source of malware. Now, I've been
over the source code with a fine-toothed comb and found nothing, I've
gone over the HTML output for anything suspicious, checked ever single
Javascript file out, looked to see the server headers are correct and
aren't malformed, checked the .htaccess is as expected and have run the
site against the unmask parasites website which found no problems except
the 'suspicious' listing which Google has given it.

The Google webmaster tools tell me nothing more than 'Of the 2 pages we
tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in
malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.'
It won't tell me what pages, although it tells me that the malicious
software is hosted on one domain and tells me what it is. Needless to
say I can't find that domain string anywhere in the code. I can't find
any hidden iframe tags or hidden Javascript eval() statements.

Basically now, although this is totally beyond my control, the owner of
the site is expecting me to get this sorted asap. I want to, and have
spent the entire day today looking at it, but have really come to the
point where I'm coming unstuck. I can find nothing wrong with the site
at all.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for this sort of thing? Tools that I
can use to check out the site with, or any bit of information that I can
use to fix this? I can give the URL of the site to anyone off-list if
they wish to check it out.


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