On 4/28/2010 7:29 AM, Juan Rodriguez Monti wrote:
Hello Guys,
I would like to implement a two color row table for some queries that I'm doing.

I use PHP to query a DB, then I use while to print all its results. I
have a code pretty similar to this one :

  $results = Here the QUERY;
         echo "<html>";
         echo "<head>";
         echo '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />';
         echo "</head>";
         echo "<body>";
         echo '<div id="container">';

         echo "<center><h2>Results</h2></center><br />";
         echo ("<table border='1'>");
         echo "<td><strong>At1</strong></td>
<td><strong>At2</strong></td>  <td><strong>At3</strong></td>       $

   while ($row = while condition )) {
         echo ("<tr>");
         echo "<td>$row[0]</td><td>$row[1]</td>  <td>$row[2]</td>
<td>$row[3]</td><td>$row[4]</td>  ";
         echo "</div>";
         echo "</body>";
         echo "</html>";

I just want to show you how I write the table. What I would like to
know is what do you suggest to do a two color row format.


$str= "<table>";

$alt = 'even';

 $alt = ($alt == 'odd')?'even':'odd';
 $str .= "<tr class=\"$alt\"><td>foo</td></tr>"; // Populate each row;

$str .= "</table>\n";

echo $str;

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