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> From: Ashley Sheridan [mailto:a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk] 
> Modulus is the most elegant solution I reckon. Imagine if you only
> needed to highlight every 3rd row, or 4th? Easy to change the modulus
> for it, not so easy to re-work a binary switch. 
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> From: Richard Quadling [mailto:rquadl...@googlemail.com] 
> The modulus is a good option when there are more than 2 states.
> Say a 5 row fade ...
> $a=0;
> while ($row=mysql_fetch_...){
> echo "<tr class=??????\"alternate-row-".(1 + (++$a%5))."\"><..."
> }
> giving alternate-row-1, alternate-row-2, alternate-row-3,
> alternate-row-4 and alternate-row-5

Okay, how many tables do you EVER see with more than TWO colors? Come on

Show me some URL's to REAL sites (not some contrived examples) that use
multiple row colors or fades in a rotating fashion. Not talking about a
highlight roll-over, nor am I talking about highlighting rows of certain
criteria in different colors, as both of those are not the problem for this
solution. I'm talking about a straight up table that cycles each row more
than 2 colors.

99% of your tables are 2 colors, and flipping a bit (i.e. Boolean) is WAY
faster to compute than modulus and also easier to understand.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXhKzY0BKwY  ;-) (I say that out of love!)


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