At 1:59 PM +0200 5/1/10, Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello *,

before I reinvent the wheel, I ask here, if someone know an "object"  or
"function" which build from an array of directories (filesystem or IMAP)
a directory tree which can be opened and close?

I have the need to do this for a "local and  remote  filesystem"  and  a
"courier-imap tree".

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

Hi Michelle:

You have one of the longest signature files I've seen in a while. If at all possible, please trim it for the archives.

Now on to your problem. You want to take a multidimensional array that contains the names of directories and names of the files contained therein and show them in a file tree where you can open and close the nodes of the tree to show contents -- is that correct?

It's pretty simple to populate an array in PHP to contain directories and files. To do this via PHP can produce something like this:

I'm not happy with the result because it doesn't show a file tree complete with clickable nodes.

While I am sure it's possible to do this in PHP, I was thinking that javascript might provide a better functional solution (i.e., client-side with less trips to the server). Namely have PHP create the array and then have javascript show it.

This is what I found:

It works for me.




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