On May 5, 2010, at 10:12 AM, Peter Lind wrote:

> On 5 May 2010 16:58, Philip Thompson <philthath...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> Long time no see! Anyway, I'm having an issue with strtotime(). Why do the 
>> following return valid timestamps?
>> <?php
>> echo strtotime ('a').': '.date ("m/d/Y", strtotime ('a'))."<br/>";
>> echo strtotime ('a,a').': '.date ("m/d/Y", strtotime ('a,a'))."<br/>";
>> echo strtotime ('a,a,a').': '.date ("m/d/Y", strtotime ('a,a,a'))."<br/>";
>> ?>
>> These result in today's date:
>> 1273049449: 05/05/2010
>> 1273049449: 05/05/2010
>> 1273049449: 05/05/2010
>> Each time the page is reloaded, the seconds jump up... but still today's 
>> date. Why is this? I can repeat the same results by changing the 'a' to any 
>> other single letter: "g" or "h,k" or "r,s,t" or whatever - all the same 
>> result.
> This was discusses a little while ago, have a look at
> news.php.net/php.general/303839/Logical-reason-for-strtotime-east-and-strtotime-west-returningvalid-results.html
> and the responses.
> Regards
> Peter

Thanks for the link. I did a little bit more research and found a site that may 
help explain what is happening.


In the column labeled "Zone" are all the letters of the alphabet (except J). 
So, then I thought to print the times with the date() functions above - they 
were various time(zones). Basically, I think strotime() is just ignoring the 
characters after the first comma in the values above, so then it was finding 
valid timezones. Odd.

Hope this helps someone in the future....

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