Jim Lucas wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  probably not really a PHP question but i'll take a chance, anyway.  i
want to examine the network throughput i can get when continually
uploading files from a PHP script via a POST request using the
HTTP_Request2 class.

  i have a client-side script that simply takes files, creates a short
POST request, and submits it to a server-side PHP script that takes the
uploaded file and saves it.  no big deal.

  as a test, i created a random 5M file, then looped 100 times
submitting the same file, and timed it.  while the system and user time
was only a few seconds total, real (clock on the wall) time was 2.5
minutes.  this suggests that the bottleneck is simply network transfer

  while i'm doing these uploads, is there a way to monitor network
throughput?  if this is truly the bottleneck, the only real solution
will be to pay a premium for faster network access, i suppose.  but i'd
just like to be able to produce some numbers or evidence that that's the
actual problem.  thoughts?


What web server are you using?  Is it Apache, lighttpd, php daemon, etc?

If it is anything but directly talking to a php daemon, you must take into
consideration that the parent web server does not hand off processing to PHP
until it has received the entire file.  At this point is when your timer script
starts working.

So, what is receiving the file?

I'd call the script via ab [1] from localhost, the computer you're testing and then another server with a good connection - that way you'll get solid numbers and be able to pinpoint the bottleneck in a snap.

[1] http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/programs/ab.html



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