Hi guys and girls,

okay, this is a dumbnut question I wouldn't bother asking.... but I really
did hit a spot now where I am totally wedged up in my head and can't think
straight anymore... so the, I bet easy, answer to my question escapes me.

What I am trying to do is the following:

Read the contents of a remote file via file()

So I do

$content = file($url);

Now $content holds the HTML source of the page.

Now this page has some DIVs in it with a class "myclass123" (just for this

Now I want to get the content of these divs into a variable / some
variables. No more, no less.

Can anybody please direct me towards the answer? Damn, I must sleep more at
night, so I can think straight at work....

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!


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