Am 08.05.2010 03:04, schrieb David McGlone:
On Friday 07 May 2010 19:37:32 Merlin Morgenstern wrote:
Hi there,

I am searching for a way to show the user similar records from the mysql
database. A functionality like "this could also be of interest to you".

Does anybody know if this is there is a standard functionality to do
this, or a good way on retrieving this with the help of PHP?

Kind regards, Merlin

I have some code that makes suggestions on items that one might be interested
in based on what they are buying or did buy in the past using PHP.

Is this what your interested in?

Hi David,

I did manage to create a function that provides datasets that are similar based on the title. My page is a site similar to craigslist, so I don't know if your code would make sense. It would be interesting though to show items that have been visited by other people after the viewed a particular classified. Could your code be adapted to serve that?

Kind regards, Merlin

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