do strace php -v and see what's the path for the old version.

It'd be better if you uninstall the old version, but it you don't know how was 
it installed, simply remove the old php binary or overwrite it with newer.

I. Lopez.

I have a shell account with limited access. The php cli version installated
is 4.4.6. But the server have also the php 5.2.6. I checked the php version
and i got this:
$ php -v
PHP 4.4.9 (cli) (built: Sep 17 2008 11:04:03)
But i want that the php command be a link to the php5.
How can i "re-link" this php command to the path /usr/local/php5/bin/php ?
I tried include this path in the PATH variable env but didn't worked.
Some idea?
Augusto Morais.                                           
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