Spud. Ivan. wrote:
> I think we've not so much only with the regex, but maybe you can tell me 
> somethin helpful ;)
> /Word1:<\/a><\/h4>\(<a 
> href=\"http:\/\/www.thiswebsite.com\/some-script.php\">fir.*?st 
> word.*?(.*)Word2:<\/a><\/h4><ul>(.*)Second 
> word:<\/a><\/h4><ul>(.*)Word3:<\/a><\/h4><ul>(.*)rd word/is
> Thanks.
> I.Lopez.
> On 05/11/2010 09:56 AM, Spud. Ivan. wrote:
>> But it doesn't explain why my regexps work fine within php 5.1 but 5.3
>> Ivan.
> Post a regex and what you think it should match but doesn't.


Why don't you show us an example of what it is you are trying to match this
against.  Then, after that example, show us what you would like to see as the

Then, send us a copy of the code you are trying to use to make it all happen.

Jim Lucas

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