I'm doing the 5.3-strict thing, and am removing all my
passing-by-reference muck from a script of mine.

But i've run into a problem;

I use the following construct to push new values fairly deeply inside
an array structure;

$chase = chaseToReference ($wm, $path);
$arr = result($chase);
$arr[$v] = $lid;

$path is a flat-list array of indexes in $wm that have to be traversed
to get to the right portion of $wm.
a debug-dump of $wm and $arr after running this code shows $arr
correctly updated, but $wm not. :((

here are the functions involved, any help is much appreciated.

function chaseToReference (&$array, $path) {
  if (!empty($path)) {
    if (empty($array[$path[0]])) {
                        return badResult (E_USER_WARNING, array(
                                'msg' => 'Could not walk the full tree',
                                '$path' => $path,
                                '$array (possibly partially walked)' => $array
    } else return chaseToReference($array[$path[0]], array_slice($path, 1));
  } else {
    return goodResult($array);

function result(&$r) {
 return $r['result'];

function goodResult(&$r) {
 $r2 = array (
  'isMetaForFunc' => true,
        'result' => &$r
 return $r2;

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