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> On Tue, 18 May 2010 21:11:00 -0400, David Mehler wrote:
> >I've googled for this and tried some downloads but not finding what
> >i'm looking for. A site requirement is to have a photo gallery. These
> >user's are not very technical so i thought about getting a galery with
> >the ability to upload photos via a browser, I would also like thumb
> >nails, and the ability to have an alt text attribute with the photo
> >and a longer description of the picture, for accessibility reasons.
> >If anyone has anything similar to this please let me know.
> http://www.plogger.org/
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Something like this wouldn't be too hard to put together.

A form with a <input type="file"/> element could handle the image upload
and text part. If they need to upload multiple files then you could
either use several input elements or a multi-upload option, although the
latter aren't very accessible at all I've found, which seems to go
against one of your requirements.

I assume the need for multiple galleries, and further assume that you
already have a way that you are distinguishing users. Just use this
identifier against each image to denote a gallery. A database can easily
be used here to not only identify the gallery an image belongs to but
the user who uploaded it, and what galleries the user has rights to,

Creating thumbnails is also a doddle. I've just written up a function I
wrote for http://www.vicestyle.com which creates thumbnails in any size
you want from any image without distortion using a smart crop technique
at http://www.ashleysheridan.co.uk/coding/php/Smart_Image_Resizing .


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