At 8:00 PM +0100 5/21/10, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
What sort of format is that date, English or American?

For example: dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy?



I don't think it's called "English" or "American" -- as Churchill once said "We are separated by a common language." Perhaps "British English" vs "American English", but I don't think that is correct either.

While America typically uses mm-dd-yyyy the *majority* of the rest of the world uses dd-mm-yyyy -- which I think is far more logical. However, there are regions who commonly use yyyy-mm-dd (i.e., China, Japan), which is also logical.

It seems that America is the only region who mixes the most-significant-digit order (big, little, and middle endians). I don't understand why it came about, perhaps it was one of those American Almanac articles like the one that claimed using double negatives was poor grammar which caused a significant changer in the language.

In any event, in all cases where it's my choice, I use the dd-mm-yyyy format.



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