I'm a Front End Dev seeking to add that crucial server-side/database
knowledge to my understanding of end to end web dev.

I'm particularly interested in learning how to set up server side responses
to my AJAX and JSON/JSONP requests.

Also, I'm thinking of a "simple" finances management app (though we'll see
how long it remains simple) to learn some basics and move on from there to
e-commerce, blogs and social apps. Then who knows?

My question is, are there any accepted "norms" for great books or how tos
that I can take as guidance towards mastering the fundamentals? I favor OOP
techniques in my JS and would like to make sure that I go for best-practices
when it comes to my PHP scripting as well. I am looking for exemplary
examples of code, not so much books or tutorials that explain things to

An aside is when is it appropriate to start learning a framework such as
CodeIgniter? I rely on JS libraries and can imagine that the PHP is no
different (but I want to make sure I know what is going on "under the

I realize this post lacks focus, but as soon as I am able to get some
general guidance, any further requests will be more to the point. Thanks for
your understanding as I get my bearings.

Looking forward to becoming broader in my knowledge of creating web apps and
can't wait for suggestions from the community!


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