Hi,    I have a snippet as in the following:                   <ul>             
   <li>Select the type of your starting point of interest:<br/>                 
   <div id="start_menu"><form action="" name="form1" method="post">             
               <span><input type="radio" value="Apartment" name="start"         
                           onclick="alert(document.form1.start)"/> Apartment 
</span>                                   </form></div></li>            </ul>If 
I tried to put this at the top of a file where I save as PHP with other PHP 
execution statements, looks like the form does not do anything, and yet when I 
save the page as in HTML with out the other PHP execution, it works. I am 
trying to create a page where I have dynamic drop down menu lists so users can 
egenerate dynamic content based on their preference. Is it possible that I can 
save the entire file as a PHP and still keep the functionality, including 
generating dynamic menus, writing the proper entries to the database and 
printing out the proper output?

Thanks for your help. 

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