tedd wrote:
At 2:48 PM -0400 5/23/10, Robert Cummings wrote:
tedd wrote:
At 1:02 PM -0400 5/22/10, Robert Cummings wrote:
tedd wrote:
If that is all (i.e., removing double linefeeds), then this will do it:

$text_array = array();
$text_array = explode("\n\n", $input_text);
$output_text = implode("\n",$text_array);
Sorry tedd, this is broken. It doesn't solve problems with runs of greater than 2 newlines which is even in the example :) I would use the following instead which is also line break agnostic with final output in the style for your system:

$data = preg_replace( "#[\r\n]+#", PHP_EOL, $input );


It's not broken according to my "given", which was "If that is all (i.e., removing double linefeeds), then this will do it:" My code does exactly what was stated.
Actually, his comment didn't say double line feeds... his comment said I want THIS to look like THAT. And THIS had a triple line feed and THAT completely normalized it to a single line feed. I realize you misunderstood the problem, but where I work, clients don't think a solution based on incorrect presumptions is a valid solution for a clearly defined problem :)


Okay, so I didn't correctly identify and understand the problem from the client (the list), but my solution worked for the problem I understood.


Doh, what's funny is I fixed it in my test script but had already pasted into my email and forgot to update that *lol*. Good catch!

You correctly identified and understood the problem, but failed to provide a working solution to the client (the list).

It's a good thing that we both have clients who understand we're not prefect. :-)

Let's just agree that we both can identify, understand, and solve such minor problems.

If you had been a real client I would have tested before shipping :) My problem would have been caught immediately, yours could have been silently wreaking havoc my altering data. I'd rather a completely broken solution than a half working solution that presents itself at a later time :|

The only reason I bothered to bring it up though, is because these miscommunications between client and developer (and any number of in betweens was the focus of a memorable cartoon that our professor presented to all of us in a second year programming course (Prgramming in the Large with C++). It highlighting the conceptual differences between different people in the production chain and how the client pretty mich didn't get what he wanted :)

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