the script is vbulletin

function fetch_im_exec($command, $args, $needoutput = false, $dieongs = true)
                if (!function_exists('exec'))
                        $this->error = 
                        return false;

                $imcommands = array(
                        'identify' => $this->identifypath,
                        'convert'  => $this->convertpath,

                $input = $imcommands["$command"] . ' ' . $args . ' 2>&1';
                if (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) == 'WIN' AND PHP_VERSION < 
                        $input = '"' . $input . '"';
                $exec = @exec($input, $output, $this->returnvalue);

when i put the script in \\\scriptdir\
the result is empty
when i put the script everywhere in the c: then
the result is good !

in both case $input is the same and point to c:\program files\im\identify.exe

i use php 5.2.8 on windows

thanks by advance

On 5/24/2010 11:11 PM, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
loki wrote:

PHP is installed in c:\program files\php
the PHP script are in network drive \\\scriptdir\
in the PHP script, we try to launch the command @exec(...) with a
executable located in c:\program files\ourexecutable\
it's not work :(

but if we move the PHP script from \\\scriptdir\
to c:\scriptdir\ then it's work !!

everything work good EXCEPT the @EXEC command ...
Safe mode in PHP is OFF ...


Can you show us the script? The first thing I'd do is
call "is_file(\\\scriptdir\foo.php)" ... are
you doing that?

Kevin Kinsey

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