On 25 May 2010 15:55, Bruce Gilbert <webgu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Here is the situation. I have a form which sets a timestamp when a
> user logs in using UPDATE in SQL. The field is called
> 'login_timestamp' and is in a table called 'Candidates'. I have
> another timestamp which is set when a user submits the form data into
> the DB and it is called 'submit_timestamp' . What I want to do is
> determine the amount of time the user takes to complete the form by
> subtracting the 'login_timestamp' time form the 'submit_timestamp'
> time. I am using SQL to extract the data here.
> $sql = "SELECT Responses.name,Answers,submit_timestamp,login_timestamp
>           FROM Responses LEFT JOIN Candidates USING (user_id)";
> and then to display the timestamp in readable form.
> echo "<tr><th>Completion Time:</th></tr><tr><td>" . date('F j, Y
> g:i:sa', strtotime($row["login_timestamp"])) . "</td></tr>";
> so I need to know how to subtract from two timestamp fields, two
> different tables and come up with the difference in minutes.

In case you're using MySQL, timediff can do the job:

Otherwise, just do strtotime(endtime) - strtotime(starttime) / 60.
That's the difference in minutes.


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