Hi Larry,

Take a look at: http://trac.calendarserver.org/

It's Apple's open source page which includes their iCal web server... Maybe something can be pulled from that? Just something to think about and see if it helps :)

Also... Not sure if you've looked at the CalDav protocol but that is what it basically runs off of so if you haven't checked it out, you might get some better results :)

On May 25, 2010, at 2:10 PM, la...@garfieldtech.com wrote:

Hi folks. I am looking for a good iCal processing library (open source / GPL compatible). Unfortunately, everything I've been able to find so far is half-assed, incomplete, buggy, or so horribly designed that I'd be embarrassed to use it (or several of the above). I was hoping someone could recommend one that actually works. I'd prefer an OO interface as it seems a natural fit, but at this point I'll settle for whatever works.

I am not looking for an application with UI and form integration and stuff. I just want a working stand-alone parser. (If it can be ripped out of something more complete, that's fine.)

My needs:
1) Given raw data (provided by a user form that I can already handle), construct iCal VEVENT information including RRULEs and EXRULEs. 2) Given a VCALENDAR / VEVENT object, generate the appropriate iCal text string that I can write to a file or return to the browser with the appropriate mime header. 3) Given a VCALENDAR / VEVENT object with RRULEs and EXRULEs in it, be able to say "give me the start/end dates of the next X occurrences from some date" or "give me all the start/end dates of occurrences until date Y".

What I've found so far:

http://www.kigkonsult.se/iCalcreator/ - This is the best I've found so far, and it's what I'm using now. It's missing requirement #3, though, as near as I can tell. Actually if I could add that functionality to it without too much trouble I'd probably stick with it, but it's non-trivial functionality. It's also PHP 4 OO, but I can deal.

http://phpicalendar.net/ - This claims to do #3, I think, but it's integrated into a web app. The code for it is also horrific, as the entire parser is build on include files that rely on global variables without using any functions. The security implications of that alone scare me to death to say nothing of side effects and stability.

http://code.google.com/p/qcal/ - Documentation is sorely lacking, as it is listed as "pre-alpha, real alpha to be released in January". That post was made in December, and there's still no "real alpha". :-) So I can't really tell if it does what I need or not.

A quick search turned up nothing in PEAR, and Zend Framework has only a proposal from 2 years ago, not an actual library.

Any others I don't know about? This seems like an area that cries out for a good standard library, but as of yet I haven't found one that works. Help or pointers would be much appreciated.

--Larry Garfield

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