I'm trying to display mysql database output in a formatted table. My
problem is i'm getting a blank screen with no errors. I've got
debugging on, and have run the cli php on this file which produces no
errors either, but neither does it give me any output.
My eventual goal is to select the two nearest future events to the
current date. Having done that I want to display the name, location,
start date, start time, and a summary. Right now though I just want to
put all information in the database in to a table.

Here's the code. Pointers welcome.

require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/dbconnect.php");

function displayEvents($result) {
echo "<h2>Two Next Upcoming Events.</h2>\n";

<table border=1 cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1">
<th>Event Location.</th>
<th>Event Summary</th>
<th>Event Time</th>

     while ($row = @ mysql_fetch_row($result))
        echo "\n<tr>";
        foreach($row as $data)
           echo "\n\t<td> $data </td>";
        echo "\n</tr>";

$query = "SELECT * FROM events";

  if (!($result = @ mysql_query ($query, $db)))



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