on 05/25/2010 04:40 PM Walden Bay said the following:
> We're looking for a developer that has experience with integrating Apache
> Solr with PHP.  We currently have a PHP web system, but we'd like to build
> in Solr to be able to search across all parts of the site.
> Does anyone have any ideas where I could go to find a PHP developer with
> Solr experience?  Or is anyone here interested?
> Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I'm not sure what the
> appropriate place is.

No, here is fine. Not sure if you will get many candidates, as most
people only come here to get PHP development help, not necessarily to
look for jobs.

You may also want to post to the PHPClasses.org jobs section. So far
over 9,000 PHP developers signed up there explicitly to get PHP job offers.

Once you post a job there, the signed up PHP developers will get an
e-mail telling them about the job, so they can see if it is interesting
for them to apply.

Developers can only apply if their qualifications match your job
requirements, so you will not be flooded of resumes of unqualified people.



Manuel Lemos

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