I have some code that outputs (from a php3 cgi) email attachments
 under horde/IMP webmail. I would like ALL attachment (including
 all understood by web browser mime types) to be SAVED to disk,
 and not opened.

 I tryed to send them as application/octet-stream but Explorer
 does open them (Netscape treats them correctly and asks me
 to save to disk or open them). Under Explorer, if the output of
 clicking on the "Download attach" link is pure text, it opens
 it directly on the web browser instead of saving it (that's
 what i want! :). On PDFs, it opens acrobat reader, BUT man!,
 I'm passing it application/octet-stream, this should force
 explorer to save it!

 Any idea?
Santiago Romero
Departamento de Sistemas

Av. Primado Reig 189, entlo
46020 Valencia - Spain
Telf. (+34) 96 332 12 00
Fax. (+34) 96 332 12 01

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