On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 21:54 +0100, Colin Finnis wrote:

> I'm having a problem with session data. I have a login setup which holds the 
> user ID and password in the session data once the user has initially logged 
> in. When the user goes to a new page or accesses a pop up window the users 
> session data is validated against a list of IDs and passwords held on the 
> system rather than forcing them to log in each time. As far as I can work 
> out this is fairly standard stuff for this sort of process. It works fine in 
> Firefox but is very inconsistent when used in IE 7. On occasions when a new 
> page is accessed the users is forced to login again. The reason for this 
> appears to be that the variables in which the ID and password are stored 
> don't exist. I have a whole load of trace code which gives me various 
> information and session ID is apparently being picked up correctly. The 
> weird thing is that if you reload the page it will then work correctly. I 
> have tried adding session_write_close as I thought the data was not being 
> written out correctly during the initial login. This code has been developed 
> in eclipse using an Apache web serve and works just fine in this 
> environment. I am trying to deploy it to an IIS serve to which I only have 
> limited access and cant debug it in this environment. 

Do you have an example of the code you're using, like a bare bones


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