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> Since I have another Java app running and points to the same port 3306,
> when I tried to configure with EasyPHP, I had a conflict.
> How about configuring EasyPHP at a different port? In that ways, EasyPHP's
> MYSQL and my external MySQL will never have a conflicting situation.
> Does that make sense?
> --Shreyas
locate my.cnf file. Its in your mysql directory. And your mysql directory is
somewhere in wamp install directory.
Open the file with notepad/wordpad and change the port number.
Its written just like this,
port            = 3306

Change is to
port            = 3307 or whatever port you like.

Then restart mysql.

But remember, all you php app need to connect mysql through that 3307 port
which is not standard.
So mysql_connect() functions  params should be tweaked.

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