Robert Cummings wrote:
I use FastCGI and the NTS version of PHP in Windows because that is the
configuration recommended by PHP on their website. After experiencing
the instability of PHP as relates to the module version in Windows
(using eAccelerator at the time), I switched to FastCGI NTS as
recommended and then had to hunt down an appropriate accelerator.
Wincache was in beta at the time and worked very well. As such it is my
recommended accelerator for Windows since it works with PHP FastCGI and
works well.

Well I have no problem with my own configuration being unstable - in some 5 years of use. So that would appear to suggest you are using something that has a problem which I am not. I also have only ever used TS version again without any stability problems.

Part of the problem here is people saying "It does not work" but not actually helping to identify WHAT does not work :(

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