> I am reading this PHP for Dummies and then I plan to read Head First with
> PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Do you know any books that I can read online or I
> can buy? I would be happy to do that.

Hi  Shreyas,

I think you've received some excellent advice.

I like the Head First Books quite a bit.  I attended grad school for
cognitive psychology, and I can tell you that the Head First Books do a
great job of integrating methods shown to enhance learning.

I own several of the books in the series, including those on iPhone
development and Design Patterns, and while I don't own the PHP book, I've
reviewed it at the book store and recommend it to some friends who have
taken up PHP, too, and they've been very pleased with the resource.

I hope you have an enriching, enjoyable experience as you learn PHP.


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