On Mon, 2010-06-07 at 22:40 +0300, Tanel Tammik wrote:

> Hi,
> empty() cannot check the return value of the method or function. which would 
> be the best workaround?
> empty($class->method())   // gets an error
> i could do
> $method_return_value = $class->method() and then run empty() on 
> $method_return_value or is there an better option? i would like to do it in 
> if statement....
> i wrote an class for handling file uploads and there is an method 
> getErrors() which returns empty array in case of 0 errors and i need to 
> check it before i move any files. i'm just curious, what is the right way to 
> do that!
> Br
> Tanel 

Are you sure this is what is giving you the error, as people are using
this fine in their examples on the manual page for empty()


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