Are you running the latest version of PHP?

If not you should check for PHP vulnerabilities for the version that you
have installed. You should also check your OS and web server software for
security holes.

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 7:54 AM, Igor Escobar <> wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> The portal for which I work is suffering constant attacks that I feel that
> is PHP Injection. Somehow the hacker is getting to change the cache files
> that our system generates. Concatenating the HTML file with another that
> have an iframe to a malicious JAR file. Do you have any suggestions to
> prevent this action? The hacker has no access to our file system, he is
> imputing the code through some security hole. The problem is that the
> portal
> is very big and has lots and lots partners hosted on our estructure
> structure. We are failing to identify the focus of this attacks.
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Igor Escobar
> Systems Analyst & Interface Designer
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