On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 04:12:42PM +0300, Tanel Tammik wrote:

> Hi,
> which one is correct or "better"?
> $array[3] = '';
> or
> $array['3'] = '';

If the index for (integer) 3, the first example is correct. If the index
is (string) '3', the second example is correct.

> $i = 7;
> $array[$i] = '';
> or
> $array["$i"] = '';

There's no reason to use "$i". The end result will be the same, but in
the case of "$i", you're forcing the PHP interpreter to interpret the
string "$i", looking for variables (like $i), and output whatever else
is in the string (which in this case is nothing). Also, if $i is an
integer, you have the same problem as above. In the first case, you get
$array[7]. In the second case, you get $array['7'].


Paul M. Foster

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