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> On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 12:12, Dan Joseph <dmjos...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Anyone know a good way to estimate load based on actually numbers
> compared
> > to benchmark results from intel on a faster server?
>     Run a DDoS-style (but not legitimate DDoS attack) load-balance
> simulator against your site and see where the bottlenecks lie.  The
> biggest problems are general filesystem writes (including sessions)
> and database queries.
>    If you have multiple servers from which you can run test scripts,
> do that (preferrably from various networks).  If not, do what you can
> with what you have.  Make sure your testing system simulates the
> traffic in the manner you expect (clicking links before the page fully
> loads, closing the connection and immediately refreshing it, et
> cetera).
>    Tools of the trade:
>        top/htop (for general system process watching)
>        mtop (for MySQL)
>        mod-top (for PHP process watching)
>        apachetop (for Apache)
>    And invaluable things to remember with regard to MySQL:
>        The 'log-slow-queries' option
>        The SQL statement: SHOW PROCESSLIST;
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Thanks, some of those I wasn't aware of.  I've got them setup now and I'm
going to try and test on the server I have again.

As for estimating how things would run on a better server.  There are
benchmarks that score the CPUs.  Let's say one scored 5500, and one scored
1100, is it safe to say the higher one can handle 5x the load?

-Dan Joseph

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