Ashley Sheridan wrote:

>> > Unfortunately, you can't get away with just a contact form these
>> > days if you're a business, as it's a legal requirement in some
>> > countries to have a contact details available, and not just a
>> > contact form.
>> Do you have specifics? I've never heard of such a requirement.
>> Notwithstanding Ash's assertion, I would suggest a contact form. The
>> email address is effectively hidden, and you can apply CAPTCHA to the
>> form to cut down on bot spam. It also introduces some discipline on
>> the user, and potentially allows you to categorize inquiries (making
>> it easier to pass them on to the proper person). You can also have a
>> pick list on the form which details which person you'd like the form
>> to be sent to.
>> In general, on contact forms or "about us" pages, I include some
>> physical address and possibly a phone number. This might satisfy
>> Ash's requirement for "contact details".
>> Paul
> It's not my requirement, it's been a legal requirement in the UK for 3
> years now.

It's a pretty common EU requirement for anything business related. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (16.0°C)

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