I'd use the POST method in HTTP. With this, on a simple page you can read the XML file, and through the POST method, you can reach it. You can put the XML in a POST variable, but you can also use File input control in HTML to read and upload the file. You don't have to use FTP.


2010.06.15. 12:00 keltezéssel, Merlin Morgenstern írta:
HI there,

I am thinking about building a partner network where partners can export content to my server which will then be imported. It should be as easy as possible for the partner and not rely on any special php functions.

The best way to do this I guess is to deliver them a php file which will create a xml structure that I can import. The problem I have now is, how to transfer this xml-file to my server? Of course I could do this via FTP, but then they need to have FTP enabled inside their php installation. This might scare some partners away.

Does anybody have a good suggestion on how to do this?

Thank you for any hint,


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