On Thu, 2010-06-17 at 09:05 -0400, Michael Alaimo wrote:

> I am trying to use register_shutdown_function.  Previous to the script
> shutting down I use curl to grab a website.
> Basically I want to know if the user has hit the stop button or left the
> page prematurely.
> The only problem is that curl runs and finishes its call before the
> shutdown function is called.  Because of this I  have no way to know if
> the user canceled the request somehow.  Any suggestions?
> Mike

You can't. When a visitor closes their browser, or stops the page from
completing its loading, no message is sent to the server, so your PHP
script won't know about it.

The only way I know of currently to check for this is use some form of
regular check-in, with Ajax or something, that calls home at regular
intervals to inform your script that it is indeed still connected. If it
fails to call home in time it either means there's lag on the connection
or they broke it.


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